Fireside Chat From Sedona

Today I take notice of March 12, 1933 as the date when the first “Fireside Chat” of Franklin D. Roosevelt was nationally broadcast by radio into American living rooms across the country. In this telecast, FDR expressed sincere warmth and concern for the American family at a time of great, economic crisis. In honor of this historic event, I imagine myself giving a similar, informal speech as FDR did at that time to discuss the idea of Western land conservation. For this speech, I am inspired by the awe-struck feeling of sitting before dusk in an intimate campfire setting amidst the fading red rock canyons of Sedona, Arizona today.


-My friends, I want to talk for a few minutes with the people of the United States about why we should appreciate our Western lands today. As I stand amongst the majestic red rocks of Sedona Arizona today, I see the impressive work of nature that should be dear to every American’s heart. Let me tell you three reasons why.-


-First, turn up the volume on your radio. Do you hear the silence? Imagine a place as I have that allows you to clear your mind from confusions of your modern day life. You might savor a blue bird pass by or hear a brief rustle of wind.You might breathe deeply. then and appreciate the purity of the clean air as I have. You might even savor the crystalline sparkle of a nearby rock.-


-Now imagine you are standing on a sacred land as I am. You must realize that our Native American ancestors worshiped the beauty of their western homelands as a sacred place to survive in the presence of their Gods. How else would they have found food, water, and shelter? They knew no other way. Do we not take our own, natural surroundings for granted beyond our private domain?IMG_5307

-Gaze out your living room window and imagine your yard or nearby street as an artist would. Would shades of color and nuances of shapes astound your mind then? I want you to imagine feeling such artistries of nature in the curvatures of each passing mountain as I do in Sedona today.-


-The urgent call to preserve nature my friends, is not your problem but ours together. As your leader, I can reassure you that I will supply the machinery to help restore conservation of our western lands. Let us work together and carry on with confidence and courage to carry out our plan.-



23 thoughts on “Fireside Chat From Sedona

  1. What a lovely blog. And the pictures were just gorgeous! I very much enjoyed your Fireside Chat! I think that is something modern day people do not understand. My mom used to tell me about how her entire family sat in the sitting room around the radio to listen to the President. There is something glorious when you travel and see just majestic beauty. Thanks for sharing. Please feel free to bring us more of your fireside chats any time. They remind of us the beauty we sometimes forget about in this glorious country of ours.

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      • Yes, he was a well loved President. My late mother kept journals from her teens until she passed away in the 90’s. She has many newspaper articles that she saved about FDR that are taped in her journals. Some really amazing stuff! He kept the American people aware of what was happening over seas and also reassured them that they were safe. It was his way of communicating with the people and uniting the country. Too bad we don’t have someone in the WH now with those qualities.

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  2. Thank you for your on-the-scene fireside chat. ❤ American parks and public lands are precious. And they are not only precious to us, but people around the world also want to experience them–just like we want to see the pyramids, ski the Swiss Alps, or visit SA rain forests.

    We cannot allow our natural lands and monuments to be exploited by corporations.

    Great photos! My fantasy is to move to Sedona. I felt so clear and strong there, then I learned about the energy vortex–I believe!

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  3. I read a few of FDR’s Fireside Chats and saw the need to imagine a President today who actually cares about environmental preservation. I love Sedona as it stands now as a center of positive energy and do not want places like this to be destroyed by his ludicrous anti- environment policies.

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  5. I love Sedona as it stands now as a center of positive energy and do not want places like this to be destroyed by his ludicrous anti- environment policies. My late mother kept journals from her teens until she passed away in the 90’s.


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